Ourale and Larry's Babies

born : 25/02/03




From our three "bibous"

 Lancelot looks the most like his father....both physically and the temper ...with a small Dragonfly's touch, his granny

Enzo  is a red-haired Larry, a touch of Harvest his grandfather, and Ourale's temper  

U2 is a skillful mix...but he has dad and mum's passion....

 All make their masters happy

Thanks to : Gilles and Catherine, Karime, Stephan and Emilie to give them all the love  they deserve so much


Lancelot passed his working test "B" on the 15th August

A big cheer, and a great thank you to Gilles and Cathy for that challenge,

Alone in Jura......they  discovered " working"......It was a real challenge for me....

Even if Lancelot is as gifted as his parents Larry and Ourale.....

Now Lancelot is hunting and he is also preparing another working competition......


 one year old

Lancelot 15 months old

the two accomplices.....


Larry?...........no Lancelot....

16 months old


his holidays

in Gap

with his family....

3 years old 

3 years old


12 months old

Enzo in Baule

Sea is super......

Enzo 3 years old

Enzo 3 years old

Hiver 2013

Hiver 2013

U2 : 3 years old

15 months old