Sweet and Merlin's Babies

Born : 11/07/04




All our "little ones"  enjoy happy days........in their families

Thanks to : Sophie Camille and Bertrand, Julie and Jean Michel, Clémence, Carole and Mika, Ronald and Muriel, Mrs Bieber, Mr and Mrs Wantz, Mr and Mrs Lamey, Mr and Mrs Diebold to give them all the love and the time  they deserve so much

They are still  great "babies".....mischievous and playful

But they also know how to be  well behaved and attentive when it's necessary....



Viena Victoria : Pet name Cashmire at 8 months

Viena Volga at 8 months

Hips : A/A

Viena Verdi at 17 months

Hips : A/A

Very Valentino : Pet Name : Baloo at 8 months 1/2

Very Ventilo at 10 months

Hips: A/A

Very Las Vegas : pet name : Marius at 9 months 1/2


Venice Beach at one year: pet name : Vanille


Viena Verone : pet name Vicky at 8 months

Very Versace : pet name Castor at 9 months

Very Vivendi : pet name : Nesta at 7 months 1/2