August 2009

 06/02/01  - 31/10/2010



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HD : A/A          TO : OK 



DNA Code  ( Génindexe) : F/G  D004100 





(CH-TF Mistral du Rau D'Esch /CH-TF Ourale Feelgood du Moulin Pommier )






My "little gazelle" : you are the second clown at home.....


You are perhaps the only golden who sings......every morning you wake us up with your singing exercises

You have changed a lot, my " little Simply"

Shy and reserved in your first year,  you are growing cuddlier and  cuddlier, it's happiness

You have your Place  ....... a Big place even if sometimes you "go unnoticed"...

Trialer at the age of 19 months, you needed a break an immense break

I respected you..... And you are a " young retired woman "....

From time to time we go hunting.

You are completed although it happens ...... that to want furthermore

My super  "Nanny "

My sweet girl...

Thank you for all that you gave me

Thanks  for all that you gave to your children

Thanks  for Antonio, Elliot and their brothers and sisters..


In October 31st, 2010, the disease was the strongest, and you left us early in this morning

Everything went so fast just 3 months

Simply my sweet girl, until your departure we tried to take advantage at most one of the other one,

But it is never self-important for the one who stays...

Never I'll forget your way of singing to say thank you, your enjoyment,

Your eternal cheerfulness and your discreet but immense presence

Simply the "wise person" always there

You were for the pack a lot, you represented so much for me

I cry

It is going to take time to us, a lot of time...


 Over there I am sure there you are already with Ourale and Larry

And it reassures me...

 I miss you so

I miss you Simply my beautiful girl..