June 2014


Pet name : hakuna






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DOB : 21/11/2012

( Double Willow Make good / Ella Zahia du Pays Sauvage)


Working test B : august 2013

Very good in field trial : november 2013

Stud Dog : october 2014


DNA Code ( Génindexe)  : D12159


HD :  A/B                      ED : 0/0

HD : BVA : 4/5


TO and  gonioscopie OK : le 06/02/2017 (cert SCC : 39243)



AHT Test for GR_PRA1 : clear

AHT Test for GR_PRA2 : clear

Ichtyose : +/-



Hakuna, the fisrt time when I saw Zahia Your Mum

I knew that one day I would have Zahia's baby at home

here we are! Due to waiting....Here you are

A little "Sauvage" at Feelgood kennel

Already two  months with us

Hakuna: you are a " great baby "

You are as I like them

Player than all babies, but also very quite and very close to me

you understand all very fast

a hapiness

Your best friends are Joy, Billie Jean, Bubba and Cuba the cat

With whom you play a big part of the day

When you don't sleep snuggled up against one of her


Although it takes place you always feel at ease..

You like quite the walks in the countryside

 outing in town with the pigeons your big and new  passion!

But what you prefer above all it's

Playing with tennis balls, and  Gardening.....

Roughly and in the order you like : search, retrieve and dig!

Thank's  Gaelle for this Baby in "gold"



June 2013


Hakuna : 2 months old