05/06/1995 - 06/06/2009





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Etalon recommandé, Trialer



HD : C/C      TO : OK

( Harvest Honey Hill des Geguis CH IB / Kipling's Dancing Dragonfly



My  favorite clown........who can also be very serious when  it's necessary

My "little baby boy", in 2002 you gave  me the most beautiful present : one working test "B" and the trialer title in two championships.......for a dog who shouldn't work........

I have all that I could wish for......

You has also won CACIB and CAC

But beyond every trophy cup and every success given

It's all simply You, my "Little baby boy"

who fills me with joy

We have learn too much together during these 14 years

By your side I discovered " your world"

If an ideal are so close


Larry you are gone now, but beyond my immense sorrow

I know that you'll ever be with me, I love you so much

You are near me in everyday life, I feel your presence so reassuring

And so frustrating, I turn around you are not there.....

You are everywhere and anybody leaves

You are so close  and  so far at the same time

You are Here with me and over there


Today 5 months when you left me 


An immense Rainbow has lighted up our walk during long moments; it stepped over the meadows, and over the Moselle, all these places which you know so well 

 it's spent something, indefinable but I know that.....

Today you walked with us, Ourale was much better that usually, all your  "friends" were also different. 

You returned ...... You were near me....

Thank's Larry....