Pet Name : Tom

25/10/2004  -  21/08/2014



Show Awards

Work Awards



Best golden in France (year 2008)


 French Champion

International Beauty Champion 

International Show Champion

Switzerland Champion

Belgium champion

Luxembourg Champion

VDH Champion

Deutscher Champion Club


Crufts qualification for life



Etalon recommande at 2 years old

Etalon "ELITE A" before 5 years



Hips : A/A  Elbow : 0/0   Eyes : OK (02/11/11) Final   

Veterinary Certificate for clear heart by Dr Nicole Van Israel European  cardiology specialist

 genetic test : PRA / PRCD : Clear

AHT Test for GR_PRA1 :clear

Ichtyose : +/-


 DNA CODE ( Génindexe) : F/G   D003870




(CH ZAMPANZAR Always You / Toscane du Bois de la Rayère)



You are already My "sweet" baby dog

You are....as I thought you would be, My real sweet love

You 're one of a kind, already ready to "give" something

 Living with you is a great privilege of which I am completely aware

THANK YOU My " lover of Dog " 

for all these fabulous and unforgettable moments 

your very enjoyed nature is an happiness for me

Already ready for something....

the future is yours

The future is our

My "little "Tom


Tom, in daytime months weeks passed by

 and now you are 9 years

as everything went so fast

but  life with you is wonderful!


Tom Tom, you are and you will always be for me the perfect family dog

far beyond all the titles

You are the "Dog" that we sometimes have the happiness of having with her, one moment of her life

We lived moments very strong in emotion both....

Thank you Tom tom for all that you gave me



 August 21, 2014, our book closes, our beautiful story ends in the pain

The memories, and which memories! are going to replace our happy moments

We fought during one year, I knew it and nevertheless

Tom Tom It's too difficult to me to realise, we had to live still so much together

But the disease decided on it otherwise ......

Tom you were a wonderful dog; the perfect dog about which we dream in our craziest dreams

 A Fabulous "friend" during these 9 years and a few months

Tom Tom  house is empty without you,

Your friends are lost

TomTom, my lovely dog

I have pain, very badly, I cry but I know that my tears will not get back you

I know that ever I shall not feel your friendly presence

You are, now, in my heart  for ever

With Larry, Ourale Sweet and Simply

That you found them over there I am sure