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 mars 2014



may 2013

February 2012




August 2011


September 2010

April 2010: Kiss is back!

Kiss, Bubba and Mum Ixelle

Bubba and Kiss ( the two sisters)

Kiss, Bubba, Ixelle, Tom and Calou

Kiss and dad Tom

Bubba and Kiss


March 2010

Thanks Jana ( TQ retriever) for these nice pictures

Août 2009


February 2009


August 2008

the "Feelgood Day" : july the 13th, 2008


March 2008 : the first "feelgood day" of this year

Calou and Crackers

Bubba and Tom



January 2008

BIllie Jean, Antonio and Bubba


October 2007

Four generations on this picture

Ixelle bubba and Tom Tom




September 2007

Ourale and Billie Jean

Larry and Tom


At the beginning of June, in Moulin Pommier Breeding

Ixelle Feelgood du Moulin Pommier : Ourale's mother and "my" Ixelle


21th of April

a very nice day

March 2007

06/08/06 : Ourale and Billie Jean

Upside down........

the right way round........

Luxembourg Club Show 16/07/06

Tom Ixelle and Billie Jean


25/06/ 2006......

a very nice day....

Thanks to come here..........18 goldens....for everybody's happiness

on the 16th ofJune 2006

June 2006

May 2006


At the end of February 2006

At the end of January Larry and Sweet

at the end of december 2005

christmas 2005

One day at Volga's house

September 2005 : Simply and Behind her Ixelle and Tom

September 2005


Life is very hard in show August 2005


July 2005: the swimming pool is open




July 2005.....Vasco Vixen Vodka Vicky Castou at home......It was a very good day.....

on the riverside june 2005

Ourale and Larry







Ixelle and Tom May 2005

poor field mouses.....April 2005

April 2005 : Some "Feelgood"....

Larry Ourale Sweet Simply Tom Ixelle Castor Verso Vixen Vanille Vasco Valentin Volga Caschmire


the first swimming....April 2005

"little Vixen" and "great Larry".....April 2005


All the familly on Februar 2005

Larry and Tom in mountains (Februar 2005)

Simply Ourale Ixelle Sweet Larry (September 2004)

Simply Sweet Ourale on August 2003

Sweet Simply Ourale Larry Lancelot and U2 on July 2003

Simply Ourale Sweet on Februar 2002