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We 're 60 days old , and it's the time for the first departures

as each time , it's the end of a very nice story

just the beginning of a wonderful story

but will continue for each of my babies  with their new owners

I've just write during a few weeks the first page of a very nice story

as always departures won't be easy for me

But your joy, your smilesand your  hapiness are for me the best gift


Thank's Joy and Hakuna you can be proud , your babies are perfect....


Thank's you to all

there is no chance, everything is planned

I'm glad to met you, and doing this way with you .....





Miss Pink in dots

Feelgood Lazaryzou Luckhee Constellation

pet name : Lioupi




Miss Yellow

feelgood Lazaryzou Lux Diadem Joy

pet name  Joy



Miss orange in dots

Feelgood lazaryzou  Lyra Vega Leia

pet name  Leia


Miss Pink

Feelgood Lazaryzou Lux Adara Laika

pet name : Laika


Miss pink in dots

Feelgood Lazaryzou Lucida Cymbae Tyra

Pet name Tyra



Mister red

Feelgood Lazaryzou Lux Pish Pai

pet name : lotso



Mister Green

Feelgood Lazaryzou Leo Régulus

Pet name Loustic




Mister light blue

Feelgood Lazaryzou Leominoris Oslo

Pet name Oslo